What is going on in the world, Cannabis style?

| October 6, 2021

Decriminalizing marijuana isn’t so bad after all; L.A. County District Attorney has dismissed 60,000 past marijuana cases. Reform advocates have been fighting this initiative to ensure that these individuals are given an opportunity to clear their record up and have a better chance at landing a job, getting housing, or receiving services that were being denied to them due to the criminalization of cannabis. Exciting progress L.A. County. Let’s keep the momentum up and inspire others to follow suit!

Big news coming out of Washington D.C. A public hearing is set for mid-November to consider legalizing recreational marijuana. To be honest, we never knew if this day would come, thanks to the activist that have not given up the good fight. Persistence is key here!

We are living in a modern world. People working in the legal cannabis industry now outnumber dentists, paramedics, electrical engineers, and many other fields. Corporate pharmacists are leaving the old world of over-the-counter medicine to go be a legal drug dealer, 2021 keeps getting more exciting.

Something exciting to look forward to in 2022, California is really leaning into the legalization of recreational cannabis so much so that they will be judging California-grown cannabis at the next state fair. We wonder how you get to be the judge of that contest, should be lit. Also, all state fairs should be taking note of this progressive play!

California-Grown Cannabis To Be Judged At Next State Fair

We thought this was an interesting, relevant article! Five questions every budtender should know!

  1. What is the difference between THC and CBD, not to state the obvious but turns out this is a very common question that no one wants to be the one to ask?
  2. How do indica and sativa differ? In da couch, do we need to say more? But for real, this is the most asked question for people new to the recreational and medical cannabis world.
  3. What’s the correct dosage for edibles? Turns out that you can float into another planet if you eat three too many cookies!
  4. What’s the advantage of vaping as opposed to smoking? SPOIL’D cartridges, do we need to say more!
  5. What are the legal limits for medical marijuana use? We will leave this one up to the experts to answer!