How marijuana hits different!

| December 4, 2021

We are here to break down the difference of smoking versus eating marijuna and how different weed highs hit and last!

There are many factors that play into your high, your tolerance to weed, how much you consumed, the strain and whether you smoked or ate it!

  • If you are vaping or smoking, plan to feel the high for about 1-3 hours with the effects hitting almost instantly and being the strongest after 15-30 minutes
    • When you inhale marijuana through the lungs the THC goes through your bloodstream and is delivered quickly and directly to your brain. 
  •  Edibles are a tricky one depending on how much you consume but the high is typically longer, lasting 4-6 hours. You begin to feel the effects 30-90 minutes after consumption and the strongest peak can be up to two hours after consumption. Edibles are for the long game!
    • When you eat weed, the THC is absorbed through the wall of your stomach and instead of travelling directly to the brain it must first pass through your liver. In your liver, THC is processed into a different metabolite, which takes the THC longer to get to your brain, in turns taking longer to start feeling the high!

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