Could a hit a day be the answer?

| December 4, 2021

The political divide is starting to dwindle when it comes to legalizing marijuana, maybe if everyone took a hit a day marijuana could be the answer for world peace!?

“Veteran weighs in on renewed push to legalize medical marijuana in Indiana”

For years it has been a battle against the parties in Indiana and a veteran is speaking out about providing an alternative medicine for citizens. Staker explains that before he found medical marijuana, he was being prescribed oxycontin and the dosage continued to increase and he could recognize that he was on track to a full blown addiction. Medical marijuana has saved him from that and changed his life; he now is out on the front lines fighting the good fight to legalize in the hopes of saving other people from the potential spiral of prescription drugs. 

Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman are here to advocate for the marijuana community, and we are into it! Who better than our favorite stoner character to lead the charge? They have launched a campaign to encourage voters everywhere to reach out to local senators and demand action to legislate for federally legalized cannabis. 

Check out the cause: