Best Stoner Halloween Costumes for 2020

| October 31, 2020

We all know that Halloween is the one day a year where girls can wear whatever they want and no one can say anything about it, but this year, spooky season looks a little different. Though we won’t be going to ticketed bar events or throwing costume ragers, we can still find ways to celebrate with our friends. We think it’s high time you start preparing your best stoner costumes for Halloweekend. 

Here’s a list of our favorite stoners to dress as and our tips for how to execute the look. To complete every look, we recommend bringing Spoil’ds on-the-go concentrate carts with you so you can stay high and in character all night long.

Abbi and Ilana — Broad City

This dynamic duo is sure to be on every stoner chick list, and for good reason. Ilana and Abbi are two of the most iconic stoners around and the perfect costume idea for two BFFs just looking to have a good time this Halloween. 

For Ilana: A red cropped zip up and jean shorts. For the most authentic recreation, cut two holes in the hood where the “dog ears” would typically go.

For Abbi: A blue bandana, black Nike tank top and black leggings. 

Shaggy Doo — Scooby Doo 

Shaggy is one of the OG stoners, a childhood classic, and a perfect costume for a solo stoner this Halloween. Not only is his look super simple to put together last minute, it’s also hyper-recognizable and sure to be a hit no matter what you do. 

Shaggy: A green v-neck t-shirt and dark brown bell-bottom pants. Bonus points if you have a dog who you can take with you.

Bill & Ted — Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

This costume might be a bit controversial. For years, Bill and Ted have been hailed as some of our favorite cinematic stoners, but according to Keanu Reeves, the pair just “has a nice outlook.” (Yea, okay, Keanu… we totally believe you). But either way, with the much-anticipated threequel recently released, this costume is sure to be a big success.

Ted: A white band tee, black vest, red hoodie, and black jeans. Bonus if you accessorize with leather bracelets.

Bill: A grey cropped sweatshirt, purple patterned flannel, and light wash jeans. 

Eric & Donna — That 70’s Show 

Need a couple’s costume? We’ve got you covered. Though you could be just about any character from the iconic That 70’s Show, you can’t go wrong with the show’s core couple Eric and Donna. Bonus points if you get a third, single friend to dress up as Red or Fez, just for fun.

Eric: A patterned polo shirt, bell-bottom jeans, and platform boots.

Donna: A long red wig, either a floral wrap shirt or a three-quarter length sleeve t-shirt and bell-bottom jeans.

Wayne & Garth — Wayne’s World 

Want a throwback Halloween costume that people will actually recognize? Wayne and Garth from Wayne’s world are two of the most classic cannabis characters of all time. And best of all? You probably have everything you need to dress up like them already hanging in your closet. And whatever you’re missing you can pick up at a local thrift store. You’re welcome in advance for this amazing idea.

Wayne: A black t-shirt, ripped jeans, a black hat that says “Wayne’s World” and black converse.

Garth: A pair of black-rimmed glasses, ripped light wash jeans, a band t-shirt, a flannel shirt, and a blonde wig.

Bonus points for this costume if you have a guitar and drum sticks you can carry around with you.

With Spoil’ds on-the-go cartridges, you’ll nail these cannabis characters’ costumes. For whatever costume you choose to wear and wherever you choose to wear it to, we know you’re gonna look (and feel) great.