Amazon changes Marijuana Policy, will other corporate companies follow suit?

| September 10, 2021

“Amazon Marijuana Policy Change Marks Evolving Corporate Sentiment” An article published by Medical Marijuana 411 writes about Amazon, one of the most powerful companies in the world eliminating Marijuana testing for employees. This will support the federal marijuana legalization; marijuana advocates are feeling SPOIL’D after this good news.

As marijuana becomes legal and decriminalized more widely across the United States there is a lot of speculation on how corporations, businesses owners and companies will move forward with drug testing for marijuana. It is estimated that roughly 56% of American Employers (10 Fast-Paced Companies That Don’t Drug Test) still require some form of drug testing for new hires and potential random drug testing.

While many corporations are starting to look at drug testing for marijuana with an open mind and considering forgoing, there are still certain jobs that remain an exception to the rule. Positions like warehouse employees, asset managers, loss prevention and heavy machine operators do still often require drug tests due to the risk of accidents happening under the influence and the need to keep employees safe.

The article below highlights a variety of corporations that have gone away with drug testing. It is a mix of retail, tech, big corporations, and service industry jobs. The variety of companies offers hope that many others will begin to follow-suit. Will the days of worrying about passing a drug test one day be no more?