All About Spoild’s C-Cell Cartridge Technology

| November 23, 2020

Looking for a new vape? We’ve got you covered. CCell ceramic cartridges are at the forefront of their industry, with a 360Ëš ceramic design that performs at the top of its class. Spoil’d uses CCell tech in all of their products because they believe their customers deserve the best. Spoil’d’s Distillate Cartridge is a self-contained, no-mess product that’s versatile, effective, and easy to use. The CCell cartridge is better at absorbing high-viscosity extracts than other cartridges, creating a smooth and unrivaled vaping experience. Put simply, it’s the best cartridge available on the market. In this article, we’ll explain how it works and why it’s the best choice for you. 

How it works

CCell is more than just a pretty face. Inside its sleek exterior is a high-functioning core. A ceramic casing holds a 360˚ heating coil, ensuring a continuous flow and uniform temperature that produces the best vapor. It’s also lined with a very thin white layer of cotton designed to absorb oil. Unlike other cartridges, CCell’s design means there’s never metal to oil contact, which reduces burning and boosts flavor.

How it compares

Not all vaporizers are created equal, and CCell cartridges just hit differently. It’s no surprise that today, CCell is a premium product that outcompetes almost every category. The advanced technology of CCell cartridges allows for better oil absorption, heating, and flavor.  

Oil Absorption

CCell cartridges actually absorb oil, thanks to a thin cotton lining around the coils. The absorption helps to eliminate waste and allows the cartridge to vaporize much more efficiently. The cotton lining also helps to minimize leaks.

Boosted Flavor

Because of the CCell cartridge’s optimal design, the oil inside only comes in contact with cotton and ceramic, never metal. This design makes sure that the oil is never burnt, and allows for the best flavor possible.

360Ëš Heating

In ordinary vaporizers, the heating coil rests at the base of the wick, whereas the CCell cartridge boasts a 360Ëš coil. This patented design was created with endurance in mind. Its function allows for a more even distribution of burn.

Oil Distillation

Because of their efficient and effective design, CCell cartridges are capable of vaporizing thicker oils than other cartridges. Thanks to this tech, you’ll be able to get the most out of your oil.

When it comes to choosing the right cartridge, there really isn’t a better option than CCell. With leading technology and patented design, you can’t go wrong choosing one of their top of the line products. With less oil burn and waste, you’ll get superior vapor for longer. And for a top tier vaping experience, take Spoil’d products with you next time you go to your local park, favorite outdoor dining spot, or a drive-in movie.